“California Fade"...is a clear-headed and infinitely tender assessment of life
as a married woman, a key player among family and friends, and a sometimes hesitant yet determined artistic self-starter. In other words, it’s the story of a woman’s life."

Ann Powers - The Los Angeles Times

“Cannibals and Quicksand” is wonderful...
with its magical synths and earnest lyrics evoking a bit of Nilsson’s song craft and even Lou Reed’s Transformer album. But don’t confuse these touches of potential influence with an album that is derivative, because California Fade is wholly original."

Less Lee Moore - Popshifter

“Anna [by Anna Waronker] is a knockout punch.
Her specialty is sun-kissed California power pop, long on winsome vocals, acoustic-tinged guitar  hooks and lyrical love stories that discover fourteen new shades of bittersweet melancholy...  you'll be humming along with every song on Anna by the second chorus.”

Rob Sheffield - Rolling Stone

“She really rocks on piss-off songs like 'Perfect Ten',
and she can take it down for ballads like the poignant girl-love ode 'Fortunes of Misfortune.' Showing off Waronker’s familial inheritance, Anna still gets its bite from its star’s distinctive sensibility.”

Ann Powers – Blender
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“Around and Back Again.”
Kat Jetson - OC Weekly.   April 25, 2003
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“L.A. Woman: Anna Waronker.”
Jaime Gonzalo - Ruta 66 October 2003
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“Major Pains.”
Johnny Angel - LA Weekly July 31, 2002
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Sara Scribner - New Times August, 2002
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“Totally Awesome Anna.”
Bill Biss - Buzz September, 2002
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