“Anna [by Anna Waronker] is a knockout punch.
Her specialty is sun-kissed California power pop, long on winsome vocals, acoustic-tinged guitar
hooks and lyrical love stories that discover fourteen new shades of bittersweet melancholy...
you'll be humming along with every song on Anna by the second chorus.”
Rob Sheffield - Rolling Stone

“She really rocks on piss-off songs like 'Perfect Ten',
and she can take it down for ballads like the poignant girl-love ode 'Fortunes of Misfortune.' Showing off Waronker’s familial inheritance, Anna still gets its bite from its star’s distinctive sensibility.”
Ann Powers – Blender

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“From three minute pop songs to quiet, introspective
ballads, to all-out rock songs, this record has it all and
shifts between them effortlessly.”

Robert Jameison - Pop Matters
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"Anna…features choruses you instantly want to join
in on and a very smart lyrical perspective.”

Heather Seggel - We the People

“Anna Waronker.”

Women Who Rock.
Fall 2002
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“Around and Back Again.”
Kat Jetson - OC Weekly.
April 25, 2003
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“L.A. Woman: Anna Waronker.”
Jaime Gonzalo - Ruta 66
October 2003

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“Major Pains.”
Johnny Angel - LA Weekly
July 31, 2002
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“New Tricks.”
Sara Scribner - New Times
August, 2002
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“Personal Style File: Anna Waronker.”
Helen Ytuarte - Vogue
March, 1998
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“That Girl: Anna Waronker’s Colorful Life.”
James Morel - ReadyMade
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“Totally Awesome Anna.”
Bill Biss - Buzz
September, 2002
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