trust, and I think Josh was more comfortable working with Steve on my stuff than me. I think I made Josh a little nervous, and I didn’t want to be the engineer on this record anymore. Steve was in producer/engineer mode, so it just kind of naturally went there. Then Steve ended up mixing the record with a friend of our’s who is a really good engineer/mixer, Danny Kalb. They mixed it and I would come in and out and listen. I left it in his hands. We ended up doing it together in the end in a really positive way.

Josh: Do you feel like you got a kind of satisfaction that you hadn’t experienced before? Would you say it’s an accomplishment that you found a way to work with Steve?

Anna: Yes, though we weren’t trying to work together. It came about organically. With Steve, I would say what I wanted and I knew that he knew what I meant. And that would be the result.
Josh: This record was totally done before you knew you were pregnant, right?

Anna: Yes, about a year before. All the while I’ve been scoring stuff, and with scoring I’m not the boss, which I like because it gives balance in my life. It kind of showed me how to keep going back to the drawing board until I got the results that someone wanted, which taught me that I had to do that with my own stuff, which led to this record, which led to Lovelace changing. I had to figure all of that out with my record in order to figure all of that out with Lovelace. Musically, there’s a whole emotional story for me with this record. I think I had to go through all of that to be a parent. I feel like the timing was mocking me, it was so perfect. It wasn’t easy timing, it was difficult timing. It made it all make so much sense.

Josh: Do you feel anxious to do more because so much has happened since this record was completed?

Anna: I think I’m on the verge of some creativity and some new material, but I’m not there right now. I’m really enjoying finishing and tweaking Lovelace. We wrote new material, which was worth it but really hard. I’m so exhausted that if I had free time, I would like to watch television or take a nap.

Josh: Have you ever written a song for yourself that you would like to hear someone else record?

Anna: Yeah. I like when anyone covers anything of mine.

Josh: Is there a specific song that you think a certain so-and-so could do really well.