Josh: It’s a weird idea that someone else would have a better idea of who you are than yourself.

Anna: Right, and often times if you work with family or friends it can be weird. But, in my case it wasn’t and hasn’t been. It’s actually been really positive. When it comes to me as a solo artist, I feel it’s gotten in the way for me to define who I am, and how I play, and what I play, and blah blah blah. What I like about what I do is that it is what it is. It’s always best when I don’t try very hard. So if I’m stuck on something, I like to back off. Now I kind of like to back off and hand it to somebody that I trust. Which is scary and very different, but it’s been great.

Josh: In that way, do you think California Fade been more collaborative or less collaborative than That Dog?
Anna: More. Oh my God, so much more collaborative. In That Dog, I never wrote a drum part, ever. But, I would write the majority of the vocals and the arrangements. Not to take away from the talent that Rachel and Petra have, because they are incredibly talented singers. Petra is an especially amazing vocal arranger. But they didn’t do that in that band, I did. In That Dog, I’d sing something once or write it once, and they’d hear it once and then do it. It was so like-minded that we didn’t even think about who was writing what at first, but then it became ‘who was writing what.’ When it got to that point it was difficult, because it wasn’t the collaboration it looked like. That was frustrating for everybody. I knew what I was capable of and I wasn’t getting the recognition for that. They knew what they were capable of and they weren’t getting the right recognition either. It wasn’t very collaborative. It wasn’t until Lovelace that I even learned to collaborate, really.

Josh: Did you learn to collaborate through experience, or do you feel that Charlotte [Caffey] showed you how?

Anna: Well, Charlotte’s a master at collaboration. That’s her main way of working. But, we don’t just collaborate with each other; there are other people that we work with. There are a lot of different personalities, some that gel easily and some that absolutely don’t. It’s definitely taught me a thing or two, and I always compared the difficulties. “Is this harder than That Dog, is this harder than That Dog?” Up until a year and a half or two years ago, That Dog was harder. Then Lovelace became harder and I pushed through it. Now I feel like I can deal with any kind of collaboration.

Josh: As a final product, how is this record different than what you’ve done before?