Josh: Let’s talk about who played on California Fade.

Anna: The first person who played on the record was Pat [Smear]. He started out kind of producing it, but more so overseeing it.

Josh: Did you plan on doing something collaborative at first and then it turned into a solo thing? Or was it, “I’m doing a solo thing and you can come help me.”

Anna: It was first, “I’m doing a solo thing and come help me.” Then it was, “Do you want to just produce it?” And he did, but he’s not very good at commitment. So, he came to a couple of rehearsals and was really helpful. He played acoustic guitar on “What Do You Do?”
Josh: OK

Anna: That song was a different sound for me. I think I’ve recorded all of my own guitars in the past, but I can only play two ways and that’s it. He can play every way, so I just kind of let him do his thing. I didn’t quite know what to do with the song, but I knew what he added was better. Then I took a long break. I unfortunately took a lot, a lot, a lot of breaks. I started in 2003 and then I took a long break. Then I came back to it – long break. Finally, I think it was finished in 2007.

Josh: Did you end up using every song you recorded for the album?

Anna: No, there are lots of other songs. In the Pat era, there were tons of other songs that we didn’t end up using.

Josh: Did you have a different idea of what you wanted it to be at the beginning and then decided to do something different? Or did you just write better songs later on?

Anna: No. I think I felt like I was writing a follow up record to my last record. Which was a follow up to my last record, which was a follow up to my last record, which was a follow up to my last record, which was a follow up to my last record.

Josh: Like an answer, or a continuation?

Anna: Just like a graduation to the next level of something. Retreat From The Sun was kind of the pop departure for me, but it was still stuck in that…

Josh: Punk/indie thing?
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